League of Legends: Fighting Game by Riot Will Be Free to Play

League of Legends: Fighting Game by Riot Will Be Free to Play

Today, Riot Games announced that Project L, a new 2D fighting game, will be a free-to-play title.

Executive producer Tom Cannon made this revelation in a video that was uploaded to Twitter. He also assured viewers that the team will incorporate monetization strategies that would be “respectful of both your time and your wallet.”

The game’s core mechanics are already being completed, Cannon stated in the same video, and the majority of the team has already begun working on features like competitive play, social systems, and champion design.

One such champion was briefly featured in the film, and Shaun Rivera, the assistant game director, went into more information about him in a following blog post. In Project L, we received a closer look at the concept art for the Great Kraken prophet Illaoi.

Nearly seven years ago, Illaoi was introduced in League of Legends, where she uses an artefact called the Eye of God to determine the quality of her opponents’ souls by tearing them from their bodies. Illaoi, a “powerful and charimatic spiritual leader,” is described in Project L as having a “dominant physical presence” that provides her a wide hitbox, powerful strikes, and slower speed. She uses her enormous totem in battle, but Nagakabouros, her tentacled god, also lends a hand. The blog contains a tonne of in-depth information about her design and gameplay.

In the upcoming 2D assist-based combatant Project L, there are two champions on each team. It was initially announced in 2019 and has since made numerous appearances with gameplay updates, including one more update promised by Cannon for later this year.

Project L probably won’t be released this year, but maybe in 2023.

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