Spotify’s ‘play button’ is newest fancy feature for Premium subscribers

Spotify’s ‘play button’ is newest fancy feature for Premium subscribers
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In the year 2022, Spotify is introducing the most fundamental features to its iOS and Android apps: play and shuffle buttons that are specific to playlists and album pages. Up until recently, most playlists’ buttons would start playback in shuffle mode when tapped. You’d have to tap a certain song to play the tracks in order.

Only Spotify Premium customers will have access to the split play and shuffle buttons. Even while it might appear strange at first to only allow paying members access to the different icons, it makes sense.

Free users can only use Spotify on mobile in shuffle-only mode outside of a few specific playlists (the desktop and tablet apps are exempt from this restriction). The distinct play and shuffle buttons, which really ought to have been integrated into the app from the start, will be made available by Spotify over the next several weeks.

Adele put pressure on the streaming service to get rid of the album shuffle feature last year. According to her, albums should be heard in the sequence that their creators intended. It appears that Spotify was in agreement because it started showing simply a regular play button for albums. However, the most recent update has brought the shuffle button back to those sites.

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