How to watch the 2023 Pro Bowl

How to watch the 2023 Pro Bowl

The NFL will organize the Pro Bowl Games, a new weeklong event. In Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, the traditional tackle football game has been replaced by a series of skills competitions and three flag football games on Thursday and Sunday. In each and every contest, points will be on the line to decide who will come out on top between the AFC and NFC.

Eli Manning will coach the NFC team, and Peyton Manning will coach the AFC team. Fans, players, and coaches cast unanimous votes to select the roster. One-third of the votes cast by each group went toward selecting the 88 players.

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How to watch?

Thursday’s skills competition will air on ESPN and ESPN+ from 7 to 8:30 p.m. ET, and Sunday’s flag games and skills competition will air on ABC and ESPN/ESPN+ from 3 to 6 p.m. ET.

Thursday, February 2:

Dodgeball at the Epic Pro Bowl: Four teams of five players will compete in this classic dodgeball tournament over multiple rounds. It will begin with competition between the AFC and NFC offenses and defenses, culminating in a final round between the AFC and NFC. Three points are awarded to the overall winner.

Quick-fire round: This is a brand-new 2023 event. 16 players will be selected by each conference to compete in a three-part game with another three points at stake. The “Splash Catch” competition, in which teammates from each conference toss water balloons to one another from increasing distances, is the first event. After that, the competition moves on to “High Stakes,” where players who advance will be required to catch punts from a JUGS machine. The remaining players will move on to the “Thrill of the Spill” stage, where they will shoot at buckets suspended above the coach of the opposing team. The bucket goes to the team that dumps it first.

Longest journey: The longest drive off a golf tee will be decided by four players from each conference. The winner of each player’s three swings is determined by the longest drive within predetermined limits. Three points go to the winner.

Speedy passing: A one-minute competition will be held between the three quarterbacks from each conference to test their accuracy. Three conference points are awarded to the quarterback who hits the most targets.

The best catch: Two players from each conference compete to showcase their inventiveness by filming receptions at famous Las Vegas locations. Each conference’s favorite will be chosen through an online fan vote, and the two finalists will compete in the following round on Sunday.

Friday, February 5

Best catch: To determine the overall winner, the two finalists from Thursday compete in front of a celebrity panel.

Gridiron challenge: Six players from each conference will compete in a four-part, 40-yard gauntlet in the race format. Among the difficulties: pushing a blocking sled across the finish line and a tire run.

Kick-tac-toe: In a huge game of tic-tac-toe, the kickers, punters, and long snappers will compete against each other to show off their skills. Three points for their conference will be awarded to the first team to complete a connecting line in three squares.

Adjust the chains: In a weighted wall pull, two teams from each conference will test their strength and speed. A wall of heavy weights must be pulled 10 yards by each team of five players. Three points are awarded for the best-of-three competition.

Games of flag football: Six points will be awarded to the conference that wins the first two flag games. At the start of the third and final flag game, the scores from the skills competitions and the first two games will be added together. The winning conference will emerge victorious at the conclusion of that game.

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