Hong Kong’s Pizza Hut is offering snake pizza

Hong Kong’s Pizza Hut is offering snake pizza

Pizza Hut, a US-based company, has partnered with a century-old Hong Kong restaurant to create a modern take on a classic dish called snake on a pizza.

The new dish includes Chinese dried ham, black mushrooms and shredded snake meat—all indispensable ingredients of a real snake stew—and is a cornerstone of the Hong Kong franchise’s internet marketing plan.

For a long time, certain diners in Hong Kong and the surrounding areas of southern China have loved snake stew, especially during the cooler months.

A local Cantonese tradition states that the greatest time to eat snake is “when the autumn wind begins to blow,” which refers to when the snakes have gained weight in preparation of hibernation.

Snake flesh is said by many to have therapeutic benefits, such as improving skin conditions and increasing body temperature.

In other parts of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and Thailand, where snakes are typically raised for food, there is also a rich culinary tradition centred upon snakes.

Before the meal went on sale last week, Pizza Hut Hong Kong stated in a statement that the “nourishing” meat “can boost blood circulation”—a widespread idea in traditional Chinese medicine. “Paired with cheese and diced chicken, the snake meat becomes richer in taste.”

“Combined with pizza, it marks a breakthrough from the conventional concept of what maintaining good health means while challenging one’s taste buds,” it added.

To create the newest dish, the brand worked with Ser Wong Fun, a Central Hong Kong snake restaurant with a history that dates back to 1895.

The 9-inch pizza is available for purchase until November 22 and has an abalone sauce the basis rather than a traditional tomato base.

After trying the pizza, report found that the snake had a feel like to that of dry chicken.

Mabel Sieh, a native of Hong Kong and self-described foodie who enjoys sampling various pizzas, said, “I think it’s scary.” In many cultures, especially in the West, snakes are not eaten.

However, Rachel Wong, a resident of Hong Kong who has loved snake soup since she was a child, is thrilled about the new offering.

“The texture is a bit like chicken and tastes like fish and other kinds of seafood. So I love having it as a high protein meal during winter,” she said.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Macao’s general manager, Karen Chan, stated that the business used Ser Wong Fun’s knowledge to create a mixed snake recipe that included white banded, banded krait, and Chinese rat snake types.

According to report, “The extraordinary snake pizzas offer a perfect balance to all flavors, both tantalizing and savory for this season.”

Additionally, Pizza Hut outlets in Hong Kong have additional plans for new menu items.

The business is also launching a pizza that features Chinese preserved sausages, which are a favourite falltime delicacy among Hong Kong locals and are served in a claypot rice dish.

Asian locations of the original American brand have a history of celebrating local food cultures with more daring cooking approaches.

Pizza Hut once included preserved eggs, pig blood curds, and durian on their menu in Taiwan—ingredients that are highly valued in the region’s cuisine.

In the meantime, Tonkotsu ramen, or ramen made with pork bone soup, was used to top a pizza made by Pizza Hut in Japan.

Furthermore, the mania is not limited to Pizza Hut.

Three years ago, in Taiwan, Dominos paid tribute to the regional dessert drink that has become increasingly famous worldwide by adding boba, the delicious tapioca balls featured in bubble tea, on its pizza.

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