Here’s Top 5 New Features of Android 15 Beta 1

Here’s Top 5 New Features of Android 15 Beta 1

Google follows the same Android release schedule every year, giving tech enthusiasts a first look at all upcoming features months in advance. After two developer previews, the first public beta of Android 15 is finally available, bringing with it a host of new features. Here’s everything you need to know about his five new features in Android 15 Beta 1.

Before proceeding, however, it’s important to note that Android 15 Beta 1 is currently only available on Pixel devices from the Pixel 6A to the latest Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Fold.

  1. Improved Braille Support

For people with visual impairments, using a smartphone is always a challenge, as they often rely on features such as TalkBack. Although these methods are convenient, they can be a bit tedious. However, in recent years, Braille displays have become very popular, offering users a better way to read and understand content.

Fortunately, Google is introducing support for Braille displays in his Android 15. This means users can connect the display not only via the USB-C port, but also via a secure Bluetooth connection. This feature can be accessed from the TalkBack accessibility page and supports all displays compatible with the HID standard.

  1. Edge-to-edge app

Because Android devices come in a variety of form factors, developers have done a great job of making their apps scale across different displays. However, as foldable devices have become more popular in recent years, app developers are faced with the challenge of adapting to different aspect ratios.

Android 15 Beta 1 introduces new edge-to-edge features to simplify this process and make it less burdensome. This feature forces apps to scale to fit different displays and also solves the problem of developers not updating older apps.

  1. Adding background app controls

Starting with Android 10, Google has given users control over the background activity of their apps. With Android 15, the company is taking this control to the next level. Users can now adjust their apps to not push other apps to the foreground.

This feature is useful if a user accidentally installs a malicious app. This is because such apps can install and display other apps and attempt to cheat or gain unauthorized access to your personal data.

  1. Mobile Network Privacy

Alongside security features, next on the list are mobile network privacy features. However, before proceeding, it is important to know how monitoring works. When a government agency uses a device such as a Stingray to track a cell phone in a particular region, they typically record all his IMEI and IMSI numbers in that region. Although this surveillance appears justified for law enforcement purposes, threat actors can use such techniques to monitor high-ranking individuals, putting their safety at risk.

To prevent such scenarios, Google’s Cellular Network Privacy feature alerts users when it detects an unencrypted cellular network or a record of sensitive device information, such as an IMEI number. Additionally, the “Require Encryption” switch encrypts outgoing traffic, improving user privacy. However, please note that enabling this feature may cause connectivity issues in some regions.

  1. Default Wallet Apps

While Android is renowned for giving users the ability to select whatever app they want, some categories, like wallet apps, did not have this luxury in the past. Users could only conduct NFC transactions with the Google Wallet app prior to Android 15. Nevertheless, Google has recently allowed users to switch their preferred payments app, in response to the US government’s lawsuit against Apple for its rigidity in payment apps. This is how to do it:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the Apps section.
  • Scroll down to Default apps.
  • Select your preferred app in the Wallet Apps section.
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