Google doodle honors Brazil’s Independence Day

Google doodle honors Brazil’s Independence Day

The present Doodle praises Brazil’s Independence Day or as it’s known in Portuguese, Sete de Setembro (September Seventh).

Referring to the book, Linha do Tempo do Design Gráfico Brasileiro, London-based visitor craftsman Arthur Vergani outlines a vintage stamp from Brazilian design history to interpret the colors and significance of the Brazilian flag.

The present Doodle work of art recognizes the history of printing and its association with autonomy. With few exemptions, the first printed materials and typographies just began being produced nationally after independence.

One of the most surprising bits of this beginning phase on paper creation are stamps named Olho de boi (dead center)— noted as the second international stamp produced on the world.

The Doodle’s plan is likewise inspired by the Brazilian flag and its 27 stars mirror the Southern Hemispheric constellations like the Southern Cross, the Greater Dog, and the Water Serpent—representing Brazil’s 27 states, as well. 27 stars rest in the borders of the Doodle and the green, yellow and blue letters mimic the color order of the flag.

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