Google doodle celebrates the Colombia’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Colombia’s Independence Day

The present Doodle honors Colombia’s Independence Day. On this day in 1810, Colombia signed the of Revolution and pronounced freedom from Spanish rule.

Columbia’s capital Bogotá is at the focal point of festivities. Individuals from the country over accumulate there to watch vibrant parades, military demonstrations, and historic reenactments. For dinner, families enjoy in the public dish of bandeja paisa, which comprises of grilled beefsteak, steamed white rice, red beans, seared eggs, sweet plantains, broiled pork, and slices of avocado. After feasts, many herd to sea shores to watch firecrackers light up the night sky.

The present Doodle work of art includes the country’s national plant — a frailejon. There are 47 types of frailejones and they can grow up to 18.5 meters!

Happy Independence Day, Colombia!

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