A Camera Obfuscator app is included in Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel smartphones

A Camera Obfuscator app is included in Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel smartphones

For its Pixel devices, Google has finally released the first Android 13 developer preview build. Redesigned APIs, developer tools, new Quick Settings panels, and more are among the new features and enhancements included in the update, which will be available to customers with the next major Android release. Furthermore, the Camera Obfuscator app is included in Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel devices, which Google did not mention in its blog post.

The Camera Obfuscator software is included in Android 13 DP1 for the Pixel 6, according to source. It looks to be an image-sharing programme that allows users to remove all metadata from shared photographs, but it’s only for Google employees. The software may access photos or get an intent for a shared image and then obfuscate it, as per Android Police. The programme also shows a progress bar that states “Obfuscating image” when stripping metadata from a shared image.

Users can either obfuscate photographs within the Camera Obfuscator app before sharing or open the share menu on a separate app, such as Google Photos or Gallery, select Camera Obfuscator from the share sheet, and then obfuscate the image, as seen in the screenshots.

On the surface, using the programme to obfuscate a photograph removes any metadata from it. However, Android Police believes it may be doing more behind the scenes, such as removing additional data from JPEG images. The Camera Obfuscator app isn’t present in all Android 13 DP1 images, which is unusual. It is accessible on Google’s flagship Pixel 6, but not on the Pixel 4 or the Pixel 4a 5G, as previously stated.

Researchers don’t have any additional information on the Camera Obfuscator app at this time. However, the concept is quite simple. It allows Google employees to share photos with their family and friends without revealing information about impending camera capabilities or other modifications. Experts believe Google is working on new camera functionality for its Pixel lineup, as it was unintentionally included in the first Android 13 developer beta release.

Even though this is the first time have they  seen the Camera Obfuscator app, it’s worth noting that it’s most likely unrelated to Android 13. Google has utilised it before, according to Mishaal Rahman, but it isn’t normally included in production builds.

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