Gemini Pro is updated globally for Google’s Bard chatbot

Gemini Pro is updated globally for Google’s Bard chatbot

Today, Google said that the Bard chatbot, which supports over 40 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, is now powered internationally by the Gemini Pro model.

Google unveiled its new generative AI models in December, including the flagship Gemini Ultra, the “lite” Gemini Pro, and the Gemini Nano, which is intended to operate on gadgets similar to the Pixel 8. The business upgraded Bard with Gemini Pro for English-language chats at the same time. Google stated that the chatbot will be more adept at reasoning, brainstorming, writing, planning, and understanding and summarising content, although it did not provide a number for the improvements.

Bard’s back end went through several revisions. It was originally driven by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) when it was first unveiled in February 2023. Later that year, a new model called PaLM 2 was added, and as of right now, Bard powered by Gemini Pro is accessible in more than 230 countries. Yes, there is confusion with these names and versions.

Google added a feature called “Double check” in September, which used Google Search to determine whether the results were comparable to what Bard produced. The feature was limited to English at the time. More than 40 languages are currently supported by Google.

Additionally, the December release of the Imagen 2 model marks the start of picture generating support by the search giant. At the moment, only English is supported by this feature. In the chatbot interface, users can type a query such as “create an image of a futuristic car.”

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