Top 10 rare Minecraft events that you most likely won’t see

Top 10 rare Minecraft events that you most likely won’t see

The amount of random events that occur in a Minecraft world is easy to underestimate. The mobs that may or may not spawn into the game are up to random, the landscape is generated randomly by the seed, and the kinds of drops that blocks contain are also randomly selected. Thus, it is likely that some elements of the game would be less common than others.

Ten rare Minecraft things

10) Jockeys

In Minecraft, there are three primary varieties of jockey mobs: spider, chicken, and zombie jockeys. They can spawn in different locations around the earth because they all have similar spawn rates and differing sizes. In a world, the jockeys have an equal chance of being located.

9) Pink Sheep

Pink sheep’s much lower spawning probability than the before entry is what allows them to rank as the ninth unusual in-game occurrence on this list. Pink sheep only have a 0.164% chance of spawning, compared to the around 1% chance for jockeys.

Pink sheep are only hindered by the quantity of sheep which frequently spawn in a world, either by nature or as a result of the player building a Minecraft wool farm. This percentage is among the lowest in the game.

8) The Blue Axolotl

The blue axolotl gives the pink sheep an air of being widespread, even really they may be rare than jockeys.

There is just a 0.08% probability that blue axolotls will spawn. This is due to the fact that axolotls only natively spawn in lush cave biomes, making them a far less frequent creature to begin with. Thus, it appears likely that the blue axolotl can only be found in axolotl farms that the player has built.

7) Skeleton Horse

Owing to unusual hatching conditions, skeleton horses are in seventh on the list of most rare occurrences. Players must encounter a thunderstorm, which is an unusual meteorological event in and of itself. Each lightning strike has a 6.75% chance, at most, of creating a skeletal horse trap when it hits strongly.

This skeleton horse trap will divide into four skeleton horsemen when a player gets close, each of them holding a possibly magical Minecraft bow. After killing these skeleton riders while keeping the horses alive, players can claim the now-neutral skeleton horses as their own.

6) Sniffer Eggs

In the warm water ruins of Minecraft, players may locate sniffer eggs for an award. There’s a slim possibility that these eggs will hatch when gamers walk across dubious-looking sand in these historical places.

Due to the rarity of these ruins and the slim chance of finding an egg, it may take players a considerable amount of time to obtain their first breeding pair of Minecraft sniffers.

5) Endermites

Because Endermites are another mob that is unable to naturally spawn, they rank fifth on this list of rare occurrences. As an alternative, they only very seldom spawn when a player-thrown Minecraft ender pearl cracks.

Since few players regularly utilize ender pearls for navigating their worlds, the initial Minecraft endermite in a playthrough is frequently used in the most basic enderman farms.

4) The Charged Creeper

Charged creepers are an extremely potent and perilous variety of creeper that are unable to naturally spawn. Instead, they need one of Minecraft’s rare thunderstorms to strike an ordinary creeper with lightning. Because of this, players can harvest them with specific trident enchantments, but it is highly unlikely that they will be found naturally.

3) Mooshroom Brown

A shiny Pokemon colorshifted mooshroom may appear to be less powerful than a lightning-charged creeper at first, but they are definitely the rarer of the two mobs. This is so that a regular mooshroom can be struck by lightning, as brown mooshrooms do not spawn naturally. This makes them possible only in a rare mushroom biome, making them equally rare as charged creepers.

2) The most rare zombie

The addition that allowed armoured zombies to spawn was one of the better modifications made to the zombies in Minecraft. The rarest kind of zombie was also added by this modification, and it can now spawn. A newborn zombie riding a chicken while wearing a full set of enchanted diamond armor and carrying an enchanted sword is this new, rare kind of zombie, along with several other qualifying features.

This indicates that the zombie has to have been successful on several 10 to 15% probability spawn circumstances in order for all of these requirements to occur. Seeing one of them naturally equates to winning the lottery because of these consecutive rolls of the dice.

1) Natural full portal

More than eight million seeds with full-end portals have been found, since speed runs require fast access to the end. It is still the most unlikely situation that has ever been seen in a Minecraft survival environment, though.

There is only a 10% probability that each given block in the gateway frame contains an eye. Given the quantity of blocks present in the frame, there is a one-in-a-trillion probability of discovering a full-end portal organically. As a result, it is the rarest possible event in Minecraft seed generation and something that players are unlikely to come across in the wild.

There are a lot of more unlikely sights to see in the game, even if this list only includes the rarest creatures, items, and blocks. Like the mysterious brown panda in deep bamboo jungles of Minecraft. It is important for players to investigate their environments and look for any possible statistical oddities.

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