ESPN will debut its own streaming service by fall 2025

ESPN will debut its own streaming service by fall 2025

Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the previously announced solo ESPN streaming service will launch by the fall of 2025 during the company’s quarterly earnings call today. A general debut date and any other details had not been disclosed, but the firm has already tipped the service, which Iger explained will give “the full suite” of ESPN networks as a streaming option.

According to Iger, the ESPN stand-alone product will provide live events and studio shows that are presently shown on numerous cable channels. In addition, the service will include shopping, comprehensive data, and access to ESPN Bet and fantasy sports. All of it will, of course, also feature “robust personalization,” as stated by Iger.

The announcement that Disney would collaborate with Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery to launch a joint sports streaming service in the fall was made just one day ago. The option, which has not yet been named, will include access to games from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA on channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ABC, FOX, FS1, FS2, BTN, TNT, TBS, truTV, and ESPN. Pricing details are currently unknown, but users will be able to combine it with their current subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu, and Max. This implies that prior to the debut of Disney’s own standalone service, you will be able to view ESPN networks without a cable or other live TV subscription.

But since the combo effort includes all of the extra Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery channels, it will undoubtedly cost more.

Disney already provides ESPN+ as a cable substitute. The service streams live games, but it doesn’t provide users access to the action as it happens on ESPN networks. Because of this, ESPN+ has been a useful addition to the cable networks; however, Disney has not yet disclosed how its services would continue after the fall of 2019.

Disney+ bundle users will also have access to standalone ESPN, exactly as the firm did with Hulu. There’s still no news on how much the new ESPN version will cost, but Disney has plenty of time to market the service between now and fall 2025. In regard to the price, Iger did state that it “would be more attractive” than a typical cable bundle.

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