Emerging Online Branding Mentor from Gujarat Abhishek Panara

Emerging Online Branding Mentor from Gujarat Abhishek Panara

So now times are came that our indians from each and every corner of Country converting to the online business , recent and one of the most popular example from Gujarat is Abhishek Panara founder of Lappen Fashion an e commerce platform

Abhishek panara is New name behind idea of online free mentorship for start ups , where he is playing main role to provide strategy by youtube videos or one to one coaching though social media.

By looking to the profiles of social media it’s clear that Abhshek panara is one of the most humble Person to deliver Gujarati contents to Gujarati people , abhishek panara is well known for converting English Strategy into Gujarati and making it easy to understand and implement

When he is asked why it’s free instead of running an Digital company ? Abhishek panara Replied ” When I was looking to start an e commerce business no one whose there in 2018 to help our with some ideas or some contents , now I am enough satisfied with results I gain so I also others to get educated easily over the internet in local language”

So when it comes to Mentorship it’s always assumed Heavy chargeable basis and with lots of process , so it’s just Depending on what and where you want to start there are many free resources available in market and mentor like Abhshek panara also.

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