Chael Sonnen trusts Jorge Masvidal versus Nick Diaz is an ‘extraordinary’ battle all people want l

Chael Sonnen trusts Jorge Masvidal versus Nick Diaz is an ‘extraordinary’ battle all people want l

Things have begun to warm up between Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal following the fruition of the “Baddest Motherf—ker” title battle prior this month at UFC 244, in which “Gamebred” vanquished Nate Diaz by means of third-round TKO

The meat between the two warriors all began when Masvidal discussed purifying through water Nate at UFC 244 and winning the new “BMF” title. Elder sibling Nick at that point tolled in and went to Nate’s guard, announcing theirself the genuine “BMF” ruler all the while. Masvidal cut an interesting video accordingly before inquiring as to whether Nick realizes who they are getting out.

Masvidal Would Love Nick Diaz Fight

While Diaz hasn’t battled since taking on Anderson Silva at UFC 183 out of 2015, this little contention with Masvidal has begun to increase some footing. If UFC somehow managed to contact Diaz and propose a fight with “Gamebred” and the chance to retaliate for Nate’s “BMF” misfortune, perhaps the Stockton warrior will return and give battle fans one last execution.

In spite of being missing from the MMA spotlight for almost five years, Diaz still directions a huge after fit for carrying any of their battles to the following level. Simply ask MMA pundit and previous UFC contender Chael Sonnen, who accepts a Diaz versus Masvidal battle would really be something uncommon.

“We don’t have to get into the X’s and O’s,” Sonnen said on ESPN Radio. “Just for fun right now, I think Nick would be the bigger fight. Don’t forget, I’m not insulting Nate. Nate just sold out Madison Square Garden, had the rocking attendance, had the President in attendance.”

“I’m not slighting Nate but don’t you agree with me? I mean come on, there would be something special if big brother stepped in to get redemption for little brother.”

12 PM Mania! Masvidal Teases ‘Huge Plans’ With Telemundo

Scratch, 36, was consistently the greater star than Nate returning to their days in Strikeforce and in the long run UFC. Be that as it may, with Nick missing from the image in the course of the last half decade, Nate has begun to take the game over. From their two battles with Conor McGregor to their gigantic “BMF” coordinate with Masvidal, the more youthful Diaz is by all accounts pulling the strings these days.

All things considered, Nick Diaz is as yet the man. Individuals comprehend what their identity is and what they has done, regardless of whether they has contended since 2015 or not. In the event that they was ever to return to UFC and battle one final time it would be totally monstrous.

“You know what, simple economics. The law of supply and demand,” they explained. “The greatest law in all of economics says that if you don’t have very much Nick and you can get a Nick one time, that that’s more valuable than Nate a third time.”

“So I think that it’s great but I also think that you really can’t redo that story. I mean I’d have to go back to what? It was Tito Ortiz that fought Frank Shamrock, so then big brother Ken’s gonna step in and make things right.”

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