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Best-Selling Author Sharon Larita Ashford Launches Children’s Holiday Picture Book In Seven Languages; “Pick Me Pumpkin: Perky Pumpkin Learns Patience”

(Detroit, Michigan), (9-24-2020) – Best-Selling Author, Sharon Larita Ashford pen name: Shay Ma has recently launched her new children’s holiday picture book titled, “Pick Me Pumpkin: Perky Pumpkin Learns Patience” in seven languages to enhance social development for children. The book, which is an I can think, I can read, and I can rhyme book embodies a magical world of possibilities and unpredictable life experiences a child will face or may have faced in life. It will serve as a social development tool for children, inspiring good character, and respect for others in social learning through its provision of synergic collaboration with parents, grandparents, and teachers.

Perky Pumpkin Learns Patience is a First Edition of Shay Ma’s Emporium new book series titled, PICK ME PUMPKIN. This first edition of the book series provides the feeling of significance in a whimsical, adventurous magical world of possibilities with children of all ethnicity included in the beautiful bright colored illustrations. It is a unique and wonderful read aloud book for kids, and an opportunity for grandparents and new parents to provide nostalgic memories of a lifetime for their child’s family life and generations to come. The comforting autumn atmosphere and rhyming fun provided by the 65-page whimsical book, is written in the age group from 4 to 8 but it is to be enjoyed by all ages. The how to think ideas are enticingly incorporated in the book to leverage and master the art of living contently.

“I am an advocate for teaching children how to turn their struggle into strengths by empowering them to make appropriate choices and helping them to be the best version of themselves by incorporating thinking strategies. Childhood is the most delicate and absorbing part of life, so I decided to write this series to provide parents with an opportunity to interact with their child while teaching them some essential values of living a responsible life. To achieve this effectively, I adopted the philosophy, involve a child and they learn, and since learning is the ability to make the connections to previously learned knowledge, I decided to adopt a rhyming and playful learning pattern to engage the children mentally,” said Shay Ma, the author of the book.

Applying the significance of rhyming, and social development used in a playful learning pattern along with children of different ethnicity in the illustrations, significantly differentiated the “Pick Me Pumpkin: Perky Pumpkin Learns Patience” from being an ordinary picture book, rather, an excellent tool for developing the mental ability of the children towards understanding the ideal decision-making strategy in any life situation. While the book is written in seven languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian – to break every language barrier and enhance effective and efficient communication. 

PICK ME PUMPKIN is a series based on Shay Ma’s Emporium “I Can Think, I Can Read, and I Can Rhyme.” Pick Me Pumpkin is a holiday-themed book that can also become a read-aloud activity for families to gather precious memories. 

About the Author

Sharon Larita Ashford also called “Shay Ma” is a writer and an author of many books, including “ORDER IN THE HOUSE”: Attorney Jerry Ashford and Sharon Larita Ashford, a former member of The Recording Academy and contributor to The Grammy Foundation. She was a substitute teacher and teacher’s aide in Orlando Florida for several years, recipient of the Junior Achievement Award, and Orlando Sentinel Volunteer of the Year Award. Sharon is the wife of Jerry Ashford, the mother of three adorable young adults and the Shay Ma of twelve beautiful darling grandchildren. She is the founder of multiple organizations and platforms, including “Shay Ma’s Emporium,” an innovative platform for parents and kids who desire to get suitable books for the enhancement of social skills interactively. Shay Ma’s Emporium provides the readers with an imaginary kingdom of books, audio, and music that help teach better social skills.

To acquire this 65-page whimsical book or get more information about it, visit their official website at PICK ME PUMPKIN: Perky Pumpkin Learns Patience is also available on Amazon as an e-book, paperback and audiobook. E-book and paperback available in seven different languages.

Interested parents and partakers can also order the book at a 60% discount from Amazon or contact them directly at Mail:

1401 W. Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48233.

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