Apple’s standard AirPods have dropped to only $100 at Amazon

Apple’s standard AirPods have dropped to only $100 at Amazon

Amazon is likewise selling the current-generation AirPods with wired charging case for only $100 after a checkout discount — considerably less than their official $159. You can likewise catch the earbuds with a wireless charging case for $150 (down from $199) on the off potential for success that you can’t stand cables.

The regular AirPods are as yet viewed as the “default” for true wireless earbuds, and all things considered. While the sound is unspectacular, they’re not difficult to use, dependable, and give strong battery life for commutes (since they’re becoming a thing again) and video calls. While they’ll work with Android, the experience is virtually consistent in the event that you use Apple gadgets.

You’ll need to temper your expectations, obviously. On top of the audio quality and Apple-centric support, the ‘entry’ AirPods don’t fit as well as the Pro or boast its workout-ready water resistance. You’ll want to head somewhere else in the event that you want buds to go for a run or answer calls in the rain. At this cost, however, the features are easily in line with assumptions.

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