‘On My Block’ might be premiere its final season on October 4 with spinoff series ‘Freeridge’ at Netflix

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Netflix’s On My Block may be gearing up to debut its fourth and final season on October 4, yet its universe is extending with the spinoff series Freeridge.

The streamer uncovered Monday that the new female-driven YA comedy will follow another team of companions from the nominal anecdotal California city where On My Block is set, who might possibly have released a dangerous revile starting off an extraordinary adventure.

Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft — who co-made On My Block — will re-group on Freeridge with the addition of Jamie Uyeshiro and Jamie Dooner.

Uyeshiro, Gonzalez and Haft will serve as co-creators, co-showrunners and executive producers. Iungerich and Dooner are co-creators and executive producers.

“Some of the greatest comments we’ve heard about On My Block were from fans telling us that they felt seen and represented,” Uyeshiro, Gonzalez and Haft said. “As we embark on Freeridge, a more female-driven show, we will continue to invest in authentic characters that represent our passionate audience… Oh, and there may be gnomies.”

The initial three seasons of On My Block are available to stream now through Netflix.