Apple releases an update for Final Cut Pro that adds new features to Mac and iPad apps

Apple releases an update for Final Cut Pro that adds new features to Mac and iPad apps

Updates to Apple’s audio engineering programme, Logic Pro, have been released, and now Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad has also been updated. New capabilities in the latest iteration of Apple’s professional video editor include voiceover recording on iPadOS and improved Object Tracker on macOS. Continue reading to get every aspect of the latest update.

What’s new in Final Cut Pro for Mac

With the addition of automated timeline scrolling, Final Cut Pro for Mac users can now more easily maintain focus on their clips while they are playing. Editors can “dynamically adjust their timeline view during playback,” according to Apple. Additionally, Apple has adjusted the timeline’s UI to make it easier for editors to arrange and differentiate between different clips.

Deeper optimisations for Apple Silicon Macs are another benefit of the updated macOS version. A new feature that allows you to transmit video segments to accessible media engines for simultaneous processing has made exporting projects even faster.

New machine learning models have been used in the reconstruction of the Object Tracker feature. This works well on Apple Silicon Macs for analysing the movements of faces and other objects.

iPad version

Apple is adding voiceover recording to the iPad edition. Now, users can use an external microphone or the iPad’s built-in microphone to record audio directly into the timeline. In order to take smoother, less shaky movies, users can now enable stabilisation in Pro Camera mode with the update.

According to Apple, the updated version of Final Cut for iPad also has additional title and generator choices, new color-grading settings, and keyboard shortcuts. Although many of the functionality seen on macOS has been removed from Final Cut Pro, which was launched earlier this year for the iPad by the business. Apple is beginning to close the gap with this upgrade.

Updates for Final Cut Pro on Mac and iPad will be released later this month, according to Apple. Final Cut Pro 10.7 for Mac will be available as a free update for existing customers, while new users will need to pay $299.99 for the programme. The monthly cost of the iPad version is $4.99, or $49 annually.

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