2023 Pokemon GO Festival of Lights: Unveiling the Shiny Chances of Featured Pocket Monsters

2023 Pokemon GO Festival of Lights: Unveiling the Shiny Chances of Featured Pocket Monsters

One of the largest Indian festivities, the Festival of Lights, is included in Pokemon GO’s yearly event schedule. All across the nation, lamps and lights are used to beautify homes. Large quantities of Pocket Monsters of the Electric and Fire types will spawn in Niantic’s mobile game to celebrate the festivities.

If you are wondering which of the available creatures will show up in their shining versions and how likely it is that you will encounter the varieties with varied colours.

Every brilliant Pocket Monster that was offered during Pokemon GO

2023’s Festival of Lights and their bright prospects

1) Pikachu: 1-in-512

During this occasion, the Pokemon mascot can be encountered in the wild.

2) Vulpix: 1-in-512

Vulpix will have increased rates of wild spawning when Pokemon GO celebrates its Festival of Lights.

3) Ponyta: 1-in-512

There will be a lot of ponyta in the wild.

4) Magnemite: 1-in-512

Magnemite is more likely to surface in the wild on the occasion.

5) Voltorb: 1-in-512

During this time, the spawn rate of Voltorb is increased.

6) Chinchou: 1-in-512

During this time, chinchou can be obtained in the wild.

7) Mareep: 1-in-512

In the wild, mareep can be seen in 2023 during the Festival of Lights.

8) Slugma: 1-in-512

Slugma will be more likely to encounter Incense in the wild and will be drawn to it.

9) Electrike: 1-in-512

There will be a higher rate of wild spawns for Elektrike during this Pokemon GO event.

10) Litwick: 1-in-512

During this Pokemon GO event, Litwick will frequently spawn and be drawn to Incenses more frequently.

11) Morelull: 1-in-512 in the wild, 1-in-64 in Eggs

During the event, Shiny Morelull will make its Pokemon GO debut. You’ll have a better chance of seeing it in the wild if you use Incense. It will also be accessible as Field Research task encounters and 7km Eggs.

12) Elekid: 1-in-64

During Pokemon GO’s Festival of Lights, 7km Eggs can hatch to reveal Elekid.

13) Magby: 1-in-64

At this Pokemon GO event, Magby could hatch from 7km Eggs.

14) Dedenne: 1-in-512

One of the Hatches from 7km Eggs with an event theme is named Dedenne. In the wild, it will also be drawn to incense.

15) Alolan Geodude: 1-in-512

Using an Incense will cause Alolan Geodude to appear in the wild.

16) Volbeat: 1-in-512

In 2023, Volbeat will be drawn to Incense as part of Pokemon GO’s Festival of Lights.

17) Illumise: 1-in-512

Using incense during this event will cause illusionis to appear in the wild.

18) Blitzle: 1-in-512

Using an Incense can lead to a potentially wild encounter known as Blitzle.

19) Litleo: 1-in-512

It is anticipated that Litleo will be drawn to Incense at this occasion.

20) Darumaka: 1-in-64

Darumaka might be encountered during Field Research in Pokemon GO’s 2023 Festival of Lights.

21) Houndoom: 1-in-64

Throughout the event, Houndoom can be obtained through Mega Raids.

22) Genesect Douse Drive: 1 in 20

On November 9, 2023, at 10 a.m. local time, 5-star raids will yield Douse Drive Genesect.

23) Virizion: 1-in-20

On November 9, 2023, at 10 a.m. local time, 5-star raids will contain this legendary pocket monster. Examine the top options to it.

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