Android users will now be reminded about the numerous tabs they have left open in Chrome

Android users will now be reminded about the numerous tabs they have left open in Chrome

Try keeping an eye on the open apps on your mobile device if you’re concerned about battery power or memory usage. You may already be aware of how quickly tabs can grow, depending on how frequently you use Chrome. Keep things organized even if you aren’t too worried about using up too much memory, for example. In particular, Google intends to release a new feature for its browser that will reduce the number of tabs.

Support for picture-in-picture mode in custom tabs is being gradually added by the browser:

Google is preparing to release Android Tab Declutter, a feature for Chrome on Android, as discovered by code sleuths at Chrome Story. It is intended to help you manage open tabs more effectively; when enabled, the browser will automatically archive or remove inactive tabs. It’s still unclear whether you’ll be able to select whether to have tabs archived or removed. However, even after they have been archived, you should be able to view in Chrome which tabs you have left open (via 9to5Google). If Google approves it, the feature should be live with Chrome 125, which might be released by May.

Google is still determined to address tab overload:

Even while tabs can easily get overwhelming, you might not want to close them all-especially if you’re doing a deep dive. In response to this, Google has released an Android Chrome feature that allows picture-in-picture browsing while using other apps. The so-called custom tab can be folded into a floating pane by tapping on a new chevron indicator in the browser window that shows up when opening online links in apps that make use of Chrome’s rendering engine. From here, you can move it on your screen and continue to see the logo, title, and domain of the website.

Even though some of these features might not seem like much, they stack up over time, giving Chrome users access to a wide range of organizing options. In a jammed browser industry, Google stands to gain a competitive advantage the more it enhances Chrome.

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