NASA meanderer communicates first sounds ever recorded on Mars

NASA meanderer communicates first sounds ever recorded on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance meanderer has recorded and sent back the first audio from the surface of Mars.

The audio clips were released on Monday alongside new video footage from the wanderer as it landed Thursday.

The audio was caught by two microphones mounted onto Perseverance. In one of the clips, a noise that seems as though wind can be heard.

Perseverance successfully arrived on Mars’ surface a week ago, seven months after it was launched into space.

Dave Gruel, lead engineer for the meanderer’s camera and microphone subsystem, said more clips would be coming from Mars as Perseverance proceeds with its mission.

“We’re counting on both these instruments recording some really amazing sounds from the surface of Mars,” Gruel said, according to NBC News.

“Imagine yourself sitting on the surface of Mars and listening to the surroundings,” Gruel said in a news briefing. “It’s cool. Really neat. Overwhelming, if you will.”

NASA a week ago posted the first color photos of Mars. As per NASA’s Hallie Gengl, the photographs are “really high resolution” when contrasted and what has recently been captured by NASA.

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