5 easy ways to get control of bloating

5 easy ways to get control of bloating
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It’s not pleasant to feel full or puffed at any time of day. When you have to go out or are in the middle of something essential, it might be really inconvenient. Bloating can make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to focus on your task. It’s caused by gas build-up in the gastrointestinal tract (GI), which can happen for a variety of causes. The food you consume and how you eat it are the most prevalent. The good news is that bloating can be readily alleviated by using some simple home treatments.

The five most effective are listed below:

1. Massage your stomach-

Moving the gas to the lower belly and passing it out of the body can also be helped by gently rubbing your abdomen. To have a speedy result, the massage must be performed in a certain manner, following the path of the large intestine. Place your hands above your right hip bone and rub in a circular motion towards the side of your ribcage using light hands. Carry on with the procedure for a bit.

2. Take a hot bath-

Bloating can also be relieved by soaking in a lengthy, relaxing warm bath. The warmth of a warm bath can help relieve a hurting stomach while also assisting in the passage of gas. This can also assist to relieve stress and increase the efficiency of your intestinal system.

3. Increase your fibre consumption-

Increase the amount of fibre in your diet if you frequently experience bloating. More fibre in your diet can bulk up your stool and help you avoid bloating and constipation. Females should consume 25 grammes of fibre per day, while guys should consume 38 g. More vegetables and fruits in the diet might easily meet the requirement.

4. Consume meals and beverages that help to relieve bloating-

Yes, there are several foods and beverages that can help with bloating, and consuming them when you’re fuller can aid in the release of gas. First and foremost, increase your water consumption. Green tea is another option. Furthermore, bananas are beneficial to persons who suffer from bloating. Also beneficial are fennel seeds and yoghurt.

5. Light exercises should be done-

If you’re feeling bloated or stuffed, try gentle movements like walking or yoga. When you move your body, the stomach muscles flex and extra gas is released from the gastrointestinal tract. Within minutes, you will feel lighter and more relaxed. Wind-Relieving posture, Child’s pose, and Seated Forward Bend are three simple yoga poses that might help you get rid of bloating.

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