An Awesome Amazon Sale Has Made Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3

An Awesome Amazon Sale Has Made Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing video game. It has been a much anticipated and hyped entry of the Borderland series. This is the fast-selling video game so far in the history of 2K games. 2k games are the sole publishers of this game. The gearbox is the developer of Borderland 3. They are thrilled and happy with the sales of the game. In just the first five days, more than 50 percent of the CDs of the games were sold to consumers. Borderlands 3 has generated more than $1 billion in the net booking.

Amazon makes the game lovers happy by cutting down the prices of popular AAA games once in a blue moon. It is noticed that Amazon has started doing this favor to the video game lovers more often. If you want to enhance your PC collection, you can take advantage of the slashing of the prices. They bring down the prices quite low. You can buy Borderlands 3 for $33.74.It is surprising for game enthusiasts to have this game on sale. This game just recently got released.

So far, game lovers find Borderlands 3 as one of the best games developed by Gearbox. Gearbox has been able to maintain its standard by offering you an innovative and creative entry to the series. If you are a Borderlands series fan, you must be aware that Gearbox never disappoints when it comes to giving you incredible environments. Borderlands 3 brings back the cartoonish graphics. It comes with better visuals and graphics. We are not saying that the graphics and visuals of the previous Borderlands games were not good enough. However, this latest installment truly stands out. It gives you a more open-ended environment. You can explore a lot more than you expect.

Borderlands 3 gives you a chance to explore different planets. It allows you to travel from area to area. You can explore new places and have an implausible experience. The visuals are also quite extraordinary. The shooting and looting also give the game a dramatic effect. There are thousands of weapons for you to collect. When you think that you have found the perfect weapon, you realize that there is an even better weapon available. Gearbox has also introduced the latest characters in the game. You’d be amazed by their tactics and special abilities. These characters help you fight the enemies fearlessly. The characters are incredibly strong.

Consumers are buying this game digitally. During the first five days, more than 70 percent of consumers bought the digital version of the game. To date Borderland 3 has been able to give 2K the highest sales figures.

We must appreciate the efforts of Gearbox. The company always ensures to give us the best version of the Borderland series. This is by far the latest and best entry to the series. Let’s hope Gearbox will continue to give us exciting entries to the Borderland series. Before its next installments come, let us enjoy playing this one and explore its new areas and characters.

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