A number of new features are coming to WhatsApp including Channels, voice notes, polls, and more

A number of new features are coming to WhatsApp including Channels, voice notes, polls, and more

WhatsApp’s one-way broadcasting tool, Channels, now offers a number of additional options. Mark Zuckerberg declared on Wednesday that voice notes, multiple admins, sharing to status updates and polls, and other enhancements will be coming to the Channels. The purpose of these improvements is to give consumers additional methods to interact with WhatsApp Channels.

He posted a poll on his WhatsApp channel asking for votes on the “best game of all time” accompanied with the statement, “We’re introducing a bunch of new features for WA channels, including voice notes, multiple admins, sharing to status, and polls, which is great because I need help settling a debate.”

Globally, WhatsApp is progressively releasing new functionality on web, iOS, and Android platforms. Among the new features are:

Voice Updates: One of the most anticipated features, Voice Updates enables channel managers to communicate with their followers more deeply by sending voice notes. Audio notes are currently exchanged on WhatsApp every day-7 billion, according to the company-and this functionality will make audio notes a common method of communication for Channels.

Polls: Channels can now make polls inside of themselves to boost interaction. Channel administrators can now directly access the preferences and opinions of their audience thanks to this capability. In his announcement, Mark Zuckerberg created a poll regarding the games that people are most interested in playing to display this functionality. WhatsApp Polls enable users to create concise questions and provide a variety of response choices, turning viewers from viewers into active participants.

Share to Status: Another way that WhatsApp is bridging the divide between personal contacts and Channels is through Share to Status. Spreading the word to their own network, users may easily add interesting information from their favorite Channels to their WhatsApp Status. By word-of-mouth recommendations, channel producers enjoy organic development while viewers keep informed on subjects that interest them.

Multiple Admins: With the release of the Multiple Admins feature, WhatsApp Channels is improving group management. The application allows users to optimize communication flow within channels, with up to 16 admins allowed. This guarantees the effective distribution of current and relevant information, facilitating users’ ability to stay up to date on the most recent developments.

Additionally, WhatsApp declared that 500 million people utilize its new Channels feature every month. Celebrity profiles, like those of Katrina Kaif and Vijay Deverakonda, as well as corporate profiles, such those of the Mumbai Indians, Mercedes F1, and Netflix. With WhatsApp Channels, users may receive important notifications from individuals and organizations in secret, apart from their own conversations. It resembles the broadcast feature on Instagram.

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