A native version of Google Chrome will be available for Windows on Arm

A native version of Google Chrome will be available for Windows on Arm

The most widely used browser in the globe, Google Chrome, will soon offer native support for Windows devices using Arm processors. Chrome’s latest Canary build has been prepared for Windows on Arm, so it can run natively on devices such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s, Surface Pro 9 with 5G, and Surface Pro X.

At this time, Windows on Arm has been available for more than five years, and one of the biggest obstacles to its wider adoption has been software support. Given that Chrome is such a widely used browser, Google in particular has been a major source of worry. Google has never indicated that Windows on Arm would be supported, even though there are versions of Chrome that are optimized for Arm devices on ChromeOS and macOS. However, it appears that this is finally changing. It is available in the Canary channel as of today and although this suggests most people won’t be able to benefit from it just yet, it also indicates that a native Chrome version for Arm devices is being developed and should be publicly released in the next months.

Since web browsers suffer the most harm when operating in emulators, the browser is also a crucial component of Arm support. This is due to the fact that web browsers must continually employ the emulation layer in order to generate new code in order to display webpages; as a result, you will always notice the performance impact of emulation. While parts of a standard program may take longer to load or launch, overall speed is almost identical to running the app natively.

Windows on Arm seems good for 2024:

Additionally, this adjustment is well-timed, as 2024 will mark a turning point for Windows PCs with Arm processors. We anticipate performance levels that are significantly higher than what we currently see with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite, and on top of that, ecosystem support appears to be stronger than ever, with all of the major PC manufacturers committing to release new PCs with this processor later in the year.

Not only does Chrome guarantee future Arm support, but so does another program. A native Arm version of DaVinci Resolve was also promised by Blackmagic Design late last year, which means these computers will be able to do video editing as well. It appears that 2024 will bring new things for Windows Arm PCs.

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