6 Hair Care Suggestions To Follow During Wet Season

6 Hair Care Suggestions To Follow During Wet Season

While the monsoon season provides a welcome respite from the intense summer heat, it also brings with it a host of new hair care obstacles. Our hair can suffer greatly from the intense humidity and unexpected downpours, becoming frizzy, limp, and unmanageable. Godrej Professional’s National Technical Head, Shailesh Moolya, offers his professional guidance on how to deal with these hair problems and keep gorgeous, healthy hair all season long.

Frizz is the main problem in the monsoon. Frizzy and unmanageable hair results from the swelled cuticles of hair caused by the increased moisture in the air. Furthermore, the hair ends may dry out and the scalp may become oily, making management difficult. Rainwater, which is frequently contaminated, can also dry out and dull hair. However, you can maintain your hair’s beauty and health throughout the season with the correct products and care.

Maintain Dry Hair:

Though it may seem apparent, keeping your hair dry is the best defense against the rain. Always protect your hair from getting wet by carrying an umbrella or a hooded jacket. In order to get rid of any pollutants, wash your hair as soon as it gets wet with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Make use of the appropriate products:

To keep your scalp healthy and clear of infections, wash your hair frequently and use shampoos and conditioners made especially for your type of hair. For example, using a decent conditioner may prevent frizz and using hydrating shampoo that is free of parabens can assist maintain the moisture balance. To maintain moisturized and nourished hair, treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Manage Frizz:

Consider using a high-quality serum to tame frizz. To seal in moisture and maintain the smoothness of your hair, apply it to damp hair. If you suffer from extreme frizz, you might want to think about obtaining expert botosmooth treatment. All hair types can benefit from this treatment’s revitalizing and restoring properties, which provide long-lasting smoothness even in humid environments.

Steer clear of heat styling:

Using heat styling equipment excessively during the monsoon can cause additional damage to your hair. Instead of routinely blow-drying or straightening your hair, try to embrace the texture of your natural hair. Use a heat-protectant spray first if you must use heat.

Hairstyle for protection:

In order to reduce your hair’s exposure to the humid atmosphere, think about wearing protective hairstyles like braids, buns, or ponytails. These looks keep your hair looking nice by minimizing breakage and tangling. Additionally, they stop the hair from absorbing excessive amounts of moisture from the atmosphere, which can cause frizz.

Hydration and a balanced diet are essential:

It is a reflection of your general health in your hair. Make sure your diet is well-balanced and abundant in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Nuts, spinach, eggs, berries, and spinach are foods that help support healthy hair development. To keep your hair and scalp nourished from the inside out, drink a lot of water. Sustaining the suppleness and strength of your hair is made possible by adequate hydration.

It’s not necessary to have terrible hair during the monsoon season. You can properly manage and maintain the beauty of your hair with a little more attention and the right products. Recall that maintaining good hair health begins with proper hair care.

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