5 Explanations Behind Worry For 49ers Heading Into NFC Title

5 Explanations Behind Worry For 49ers Heading Into NFC Title

The 49ers put a 37-8 beatdown on the Green Bay Packers when the two groups set things straight in Week 12 at Levi’s Stadium.

Any once-over of the matchup on paper shows the 49ers are in a decent spot to pull out another triumph and head to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. In any case, football match-ups aren’t played on paper, and a cakewalk game against a 13-3 squad in the NFC title game isn’t likely.

While San Francisco ought to be certain going into Sunday’s down, there are a couple of purposes behind concern:

Davante Adams is great

While the 49ers restricted Adams to 43 yards and a touchdown on seven gets in their Week 12 gathering, he’s as yet one of the overwhelming getting risk in the NFL. He missed four games because of toe damage, yet at the same time figured out how to post 83 gatherings for 997 yards and five touchdowns. San Francisco closing him down again isn’t really guaranteed, particularly since Green Bay will probably make it a point to get this show on the road the ball in space, and in good matchups during the 49ers’ auxiliary. One beneficiary having a major event is certifiably not an enormous issue, yet Adams has the range of abilities to twist the 49ers protection and open up the passing game with a portion of their fringe weapons.

How the 49ers battle this worry:

San Francisco made a pleasant showing covering Adams in Week 12, and they’ll likely follow a comparable arrangement this time. The pass surge returning home and not letting Adams sway the game down the field will help. Emmanuel Moseley or Ahkello Witherspoon, whoever lines up inverse Richard Sherman, will require a solid showing when they’re coordinated up on Adams.

Aaron Jones is great

Jones is another of the Packers weapons they shut down in their last matchup. Some portion of it had to do with the game stream and the 49ers leaping out to a 23-0 halftime lead. The open doors simply weren’t there for Jones. Nonetheless, he was restricted in any event, when he got contacts. Jones conveyed it multiple times for 38 yards and didn’t get his solitary objective in the passing game. This is a back that arrived at the midpoint of 4.6 yards per convey and drove the alliance with 16 surging touchdowns and 19 absolute touchdowns. A skip back game for him against San Francisco makes the remainder of Green Bay’s offense substantially more hard to manage.

How the 49ers battle this worry:

DJ Jones and the inside of the 49ers’ cautious line made a decent showing restraining him before he could get this show on the road downhill, however Jones is out now and it will require great games from Earl Mitchell and Sheldon Day to stop up the center of the line. On the off chance that Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead keep overwhelming on the edges, it’s difficult to envision Jones finds reliable running room.

Aaron Rodgers is great

Getting two awful games out of Rodgers in a similar season is hard, and the 49ers held Rodgers to ostensibly his most noticeably terrible factual trip of his vocation their last time confronting one another. He tossed for only 104 yards on 33 endeavors. Rodgers is glancing increasingly agreeable in the Packers offense now however, and a closer game will enable the run game to be a greater factor and not enable the 49ers barrier to key on that passing assault. 49ers lead trainer Kyle Shanahan said during the week that the Packers are never out of a game with Rodgers under focus, and that is the reason he’s a worry as long as he’s playing.

How the 49ers battle this worry:

It’s about the pass surge. On the off chance that the 49ers can move Rodgers off his spot and power him to extemporize with an accepting corps generally made up of players he doesn’t have an incredible compatibility with, they’ll compel him into another below average game.

Jimmy Garoppolo block attempts

Maybe the greatest Achilles heel for the 49ers offense on Sunday will be Garoppolo’s inclination for tossing the ball to the next group. This isn’t to say he’s obligated to toss four interferences, however his capture toward the finish of the primary half against the Vikings with the 49ers driving 14-7 could’ve been a distinct advantage. Luckily for the 49ers, the resistance held Minnesota to three focuses. Holding the Packers out of the end zone after a capture attempt or two won’t be as simple, and if this game is inside even one touchdown, an interference could be the distinction.

How the 49ers battle this worry:

The uplifting news for Garoppolo and San Francisco is that Green Bay doesn’t safeguard the center of the field quite well, which is the place the quarterback does his best work. On the off chance that the run game gets this show on the road and sucks the linebackers down on play activity to leave the center of the field open, Garoppolo shouldn’t need to stress over making a great deal of tosses into traffic.

Za’Darius Smith: Game wrecker

There aren’t a ton of contentions outside of Smith for the respect of best protector on the Packers. The reality he wasn’t an All-Pro or Pro Bowler regardless of piling on 13.5 sacks, 37 quarterback hits and overwhelming in pretty much every measurement identified with quarterback pressures. He’s additionally Pro Football Focus’ second-most noteworthy evaluated run safeguard. Smith is the kind of player who can unleash devastation on everything the 49ers do repulsively, and in the event that he has a beast game, San Francisco will experience a ton of difficulty moving the football.

How the 49ers battle this worry:

They’ll need to place various bodies on Smith and guarantee he’s not getting free runs at Garoppolo. Tight end George Kittle ought to get some time helping square him, and any space collector on that side should crash down and hit him as well. The 49ers should get innovative, yet simply making life hard for Smith will invalidate the Packers’ greatest protective danger.

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