WhatsApp adds ability for users to migrate their chat history from iOS to Samsung Android devices

WhatsApp adds ability for users to migrate their chat history from iOS to Samsung Android devices

WhatsApp has added the ability for clients to move their talk history when changing from iOS to Samsung Android devices, the organization said in a blog entry. Samsung declared the feature was coming during its August Unpacked event, and addresses one of the additional frustrating features — or lack of— of WhatsApp on mobile devices. Already, assuming clients chose WhatsApp’s cloud backup feature, iOS visit chronicles were put away in iCloud, while Android’s histories backed up to Google Drive, making it practically difficult to chats between telephones that weren’t running a similar operating system.

There are a couple of provisos WhatsApp diagrams in its blog post:

If you’re moving from an iPhone to a Samsung Android device, you can transfer your account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings. You can’t transfer your call history or display name

Likewise, you can just do the migration during beginning setup of your new Samsung device, as the guidelines from WhatsApp say that “your new Android device must be factory new or reset to factory settings” to permit the migration, so clients would need to do a total manufacturing plant reset of their Samsung gadget in case it is now operational.

The old iPhone needs to have WhatsApp iOS version or newer and the new Samsung telephone must have WhatsApp Android version or newer. The new gadget needs to have the Samsung SmartSwitch application variant or more up to date introduced. The exchange happens through a USB-C to Lightning cable, so you’ll require one of those also.

Here are the means to conduct the transfer:

How to migrate Whatsapp Chats from an iPhone to a new Samsung Device:

  • Turn on your Samsung and connect by link to your iPhone when prompted
  • Adhere to the Samsung Smart Switch instructions
  • When prompted, examine the QR code showed on the new Samsung device utilizing the iPhone’s camera
  • Tap Start on your iPhone, and wait for the process will complete
  • Keep setting up your new Samsung device
  • At the point when you arrive at the home screen, open WhatsApp and sign in utilizing a similar telephone number utilized on your old device
  • Tap Import when prompted, and permit the process to complete
  • Finish activating your new gadget. Your WhatsApp talks should now be available.

After you complete the migration, your old iPhone will in any case have your information on it except if you erase WhatsApp or wipe the device totally. The transferred data doesn’t go to cloud storage after the migration, and WhatsApp says it can’t see the data you move.

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