With iOS 18, Apple is set to release its biggest iPhone update yet stated by Mark Gurman

Major competitors in the quickly changing smartphone technology space are always trying to outdo one another with new features, and the newest rumor is that Apple is working on an update for its imminent iOS 18. The Cupertino-based giant is preparing to release what may be the “biggest” update in iPhone history, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Gurman did not disclose any specifics, but he did provide a tantalizing hint in the Q&A part of the Power On newsletter. He stated, “I’m told that the new operating system is seen within the company as one of the biggest iOS updates – if not the biggest – in the company’s history,” which left enthusiastic iPhone users wondering what Apple might be working on behind closed doors.

The long-awaited support for Rich Communication Services (RCS), which Apple revealed in November 2023, is one verified feature. With features like higher resolution images and videos, voice messages, read receipts, and improved encryption, this capability, which will be available with iOS 18, promises to improve the messaging experience for iPhone users.

The AI-powered Siri in iOS 18 is another much awaited feature. Based on information obtained from a Financial Times report, Morgan Stanley analysts are betting that the update may further generative AI, possibly changing Siri by integrating Large Language Models (LLMs). This action is in line with the wider industry trend of integrating AI into smartphone features.

Gurman went on to say that Craig Federighi and his group at Apple are presently exploring methods to include generative AI capabilities into various aspects of iOS 18. For example, there have been rumors that Apple Music may get automatically generated playlists, while productivity apps like Pages or Keynote may get an automatic slide deck generation function. Additionally, it’s reported that the business is experimenting with generative AI to improve AppleCare, perhaps expediting customer service procedures.

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