When Will the New AirPods Max Be Released?

When Will the New AirPods Max Be Released?

The AirPods Max were introduced by Apple more than three years ago, and some people are curious about an upcoming update for these over-ear headphones.

When to expect new AirPods Max and their speculated features are described below.


According to report, the October 2023 edition of his newsletter that Apple plans to launch the new AirPods Max in “late 2024,” so until the headphones are updated within that time frame. It is likely to take about seven to 10 months.

Apple announced the current AirPods Max in his December 8, 2020 press release, and the headphones went on sale a week later.

New Features

Gurman says Apple is planning only minor changes to AirPods Max, such as including his USB-C port instead of Lightning for charging and wired audio playback. That’s it. He also said that the headphones will come in new color options. Current color options include green, pink, silver, sky blue, and space gray.

Garman said the updated headphones are still considered first-generation AirPods Max, illustrating how minor the changes may be.

The updated AirPods Max will support Bluetooth 5.3 instead of Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a more reliable and power-efficient wireless audio connection.

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