WhatsApp Introduces Enhanced Video Calling Features

WhatsApp Introduces Enhanced Video Calling Features

WhatsApp is improving its video calling features. The Meta-owned platform is improving calls with new screen sharing features, an increased number of participants, and speaker spotlights, making the platform a stronger competitor to Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Meet.

Screen sharing is useful for watching videos together, sharing content that isn’t easily shareable, or resolving issues with a parent’s device. Audio sharing is also possible, making it easy to chat with others while also seeing their screen.

WhatsApp has also increased the number of participants in video calls to 32. The new limit applies to all platforms. It’s a significant increase from the previous eight-person limit that was first introduced in 2020 as pandemic lockdowns were in full swing.

Another improvement in WhatsApp’s update (which is already a standard feature on many other phone platforms) is the speaker spotlight feature. During group calls, the person who’s speaking will appear at the top of the line and their image will be highlighted, making it easier to see who has the microphone.

WhatsApp also highlighted that it recently switched to the MLow codec for clearer calls. The new compression improves noise and echo cancellation, which helps in noisy environments. Also, video calls will stream at a higher resolution, provided your network is fast enough to support it.

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