Top 5 Reasons Why Jarred Brooks Could Be the World’s Leading Strawweight MMA Fighter

Top 5 Reasons Why Jarred Brooks Could Be the World’s Leading Strawweight MMA Fighter

Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks is determined to reclaim his throne in ONE Championship and doesn’t believe anyone can stop him.

With current division king Joshua “The Passion” Pacio sidelined with a torn ACL, the American star will face third-seeded challenger Gustavo “El Gladiador” Balart in the main event of ONE Fight Night 24 on Saturday, the 24th, in the ONE interim strawweight mixed martial arts world title on Prime Video.

Brooks missed out on the gold medal in March when he was disqualified for an illegal slam on a Filipino fighter, but he’ll be waiting for his chance to redeem himself on Friday, August 2nd for the live US airtime of the biggest interim crown.

“The Monkey God” has proven himself a formidable competitor time and time again, but now that he’s a new father, he’ll fight even harder.

Ahead of his long-awaited return to the legendary Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, here are five reasons why Brooks could very well become the best strawweight MMA fighter in the world.

1. He Has Phenomenal Wrestling

The secret to Brooks’ success is no secret: he throws his opponents on their backs and smashes them down. But that doesn’t mean they can stop him.

As a lifetime wrestler and a state champion in high school, it comes natural to the 31-year-old.

Brooks has an explosive double leg that catches his opponents off guard, and effective single legs and body locks that drive his opponents to the canvas.

With 11/16 takedown attempts in ONE, a success rate of 69 percent, the American is more than proof of his ability to take the fight to the mat at the highest level.

He has also never allowed a takedown in the world’s largest fighting organization, putting him in a favorable position when he takes on Balat on August 2.

2 He has a Ruthless Ground Game

In addition to his wrestling, Brooks has also taken his submission grappling to a new level, making him a highly effective threat in MMA.

On the canvas, “The Monkey God” never gives his opponents a break as he keeps his opponents under pressure with ground and pound to build up his guard passing and finishing opportunities.

He likes to mount or expose his back and explore his two favorite submission techniques.

The rear-naked choke, which has brought five opponents to their knees so far, has the highest success rate, followed by the arm triangle choke, which is one of the options from the mount position.

Even if you can’t get a submission, it’s hard to escape Brooks’ smash control. In fact, your opponent only feels relieved when the bell rings to end the round.

3 Has a Great Gas Tank

Brooks sets a hectic pace that can break down opponents early on, but if he’s experienced enough to withstand the initial onslaught, he’ll be prepared for a longer fight.

“The Monkey God” has completed 11 fights in his career, winning 10 of them and being on the wrong side of a controversial split decision once.

In all those fights, fans have rarely seen the Mash Fight Team product take his foot off the gas and coast. He’s always there.

As proof of that, he was still explosive in the fifth round when he won the ONE Strawweight MMA World Title against Pacio in December 2022.

Going into the final period, Brooks still had the energy to take down the Filipino and deliver ground balls and pound until the bell.

4 He’s a Threat On The Feet

Brooks is known for his wrestling, but opponents can’t ignore how dangerous he is standing up.

The “Monkey God” has worked diligently over time to improve his striking skills. He’s always been aggressive, fast and powerful, making him a serious threat already, but he’s further honed his skills to make his stance game even more lethal.

Brooks has knocked out two opponents with punches, delivering punches that show his raw power, and he even injured Hiroba Minowa with his hand in a January 2022 bout.

Perhaps even more impressive is that the Indiana native moved well and outmaneuvered Pacio for most of the five-round bout, suggesting a more considered approach against the elite striker.

The American struck first, scored with a combination and once again went out of bounds, showing off his fighting IQ.

5 He has an Unbreakable Mindset

Though it’s hard to prove with statistics, Brooks’ mental game also plays a big role in his success.

The American has always believed he can beat anyone in front of him, especially at strawweight. A big reason for this is that he has fought bigger opponents in the past at flyweight and bantamweight, and lost.

This confidence is not just rooted; it comes from his belief in his world-class abilities and the hard work he puts into his craft to prepare for competition.

When Brooks is fighting in the ring or the circle, he has an undeniable confidence that shines through in his performances: assured, dominating, and prosperous.

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