These new Google features will be included in Samsung phones

These new Google features will be included in Samsung phones

The release of stable Android 14 may have been postponed by Google, but the company has also unveiled some new features that will eventually be included to all reasonably recent Android smartphones. The company is updating the Google Wallet app, the well-known At A Glance widget, and a few more features.

The Google Search widget will first display relevant information starting with the At A Glance Widget, such as weather alerts, travel updates (travel times and suggestions), and event reminders. Soon, you’ll be able to import boarding passes and QR codes from images and PDFs into the Google Wallet app for convenient access while boarding a flight or going to the gym.

Additionally, Google is making it simpler to attend company events while on the go. When your phone is connected to an infotainment system that supports Android Auto, you will soon be able to browse through meetings or join them on Webex and Zoom. You can end the conversation and mute the microphone as necessary while in a meeting.

You will soon be able to include sleep data from Fitbit or Google Fit into Google Assistant Routines. So, when you wake up, you can listen to your sleep metrics.

The upcoming Image Q&A on Lookout feature will make visual content more accessible to people with low vision. With the use of AI, this function provides a more thorough description of an image. Even more searches about those images can be voice or typed in. There are 11 languages supported at the moment, but there will soon be 34.

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