Android 12 may release on October 4th

Android 12 may release on October 4th

Android 12 has set aside more effort to prepare than a large number of its predecessors, however the end may at last be in sight. XDA manager in-boss Mishaal Rahman claims Google plans to release the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of Android 12 on October 4th.

As the organization regularly releases polished public releases simultaneously as AOSP, that hints Pixel owners might get their upgrade beginning that day.

In the event that the circumstance holds up, this additionally sets expectations for the Pixel 6 launch. Google can’t actually deliver its new range-topping phones without Android 12, so it’s probably not going to officially make a big appearance the Pixel 6 preceding that date. Everyone wouldn’t be shocked if the equipment just surfaced at some point later in October.

Be ready to pause in case you’re not utilizing a Pixel. While some telephone producers will in general be quick and release significant Android updates in practically no time, numerous others require months. Samsung didn’t begin deploying Android 11 until December 2020, 90 days after Google authoritatively released the OS.

However much Google has never really update deferrals with endeavors like Project Treble, it actually sets aside effort for organizations to both adjust Android to heavily-customized interfaces and test the product with customers and carriers.

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