There is a shortage of 11.1-inch OLED iPads, the larger version is expected to launch in April

There is a shortage of 11.1-inch OLED iPads, the larger version is expected to launch in April

Are we all set for new iPads? It’s expected that new iPad Air and iPad Pro hardware will be revealed soon. This includes a 12.9-inch display that is more reasonably priced; a larger option is expected for the iPad Air. A deeper black level, similar to that of the iPhone and Apple Watch, is another feature we anticipate from the first iPads’ OLED screen technology.

When new iPads are expected to ship may be addressed by a recent report from the DSCC. The supply mix for the iPad Pro at launch is also hinted to by the analyst group.

Not yet, but soon

Apple did not release any new iPad hardware during the entire year of 2023. Since the release of the first iPad in 2010, that represents a first for the tablet lineup. Still, it seems that the iPad hardware of 2024 will be well worth the wait. While the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been using tiny LED display technology for the past two generations, the 11-inch iPad Pro has continued to use LCD technology.

For Apple, OLED technology is by no means new. Since its 2015 release, the Apple Watch has had an OLED display; in 2017, the iPhone X brought OLED to the phone lineup. The deepest black levels available in modern display technology are found in OLED. With the release of the mini LED iPad Pro two generations ago, Apple took a step closer to achieving OLED contrast ratios, although small LED displays still have blooming effects when pixels light.

LG and Samsung

Apple has reportedly changed OLED manufacturers for the iPad Pro series that will launch in 2024, according to DSCC. Apple plans to sell as many iPad Pros as they can produce, according to the company, who defines the new iPad Pro technology as the “first OLED tablet panels with LTPO, tandem stacks, and glass thinning.”

Expectations for the iPad launch:

For customers, what does this mean? Although the price of the new iPads will likely rise, it appears that there will be a supply shortage for the 11.1-inch iPad Pro compared to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, since LG continues to contribute to the manufacturing of 11.1-inch screens until April, things might eventually even out.

In relation to April, DSCC thinks Apple may reveal the new iPad lineup in March, but shipments won’t start until the following month. Fortunately, March is almost over anyway. Although the initial 12.9-inch iPad Air model will not have OLED contrast ratios, the iPad Pro line as a whole is anticipated to launch at an even higher price point.

Not concerned about the newest iPad models? At $250, you can get the 9th generation iPad, which has a bigger bezel and a Home button. The 10th generation iPad is also on sale for $350, which might be worth the upgrade if you’re looking for something a little nicer.

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