‘The Rock,’ the biggest white diamond at any point unloaded, sells for $21.9M

‘The Rock,’ the biggest white diamond at any point unloaded, sells for $21.9M

The biggest white precious stone at any point unloaded sold for an incredible $21.9 million at Christie’s yearly Magnificent Jewels deal yesterday.

The 228.31-carat show-stopper was offered to an individual whom Christie’s wouldn’t name or try and refer to where they reside. One of the precious stone’s three past purchasers was situated in the US; the other two in the Middle East.

Mined in the mid 2000s, The Rock was recently possessed by a group of ardent adornments gatherers, who changed it into a neckband, and chose to offer the diamond following eight years to put resources into different stones for their assortment, said Max Fawcett, a Christie’s gems expert situated in Geneva.

“This stone is the focal marquee piece in any adornments assortment and stands above as probably the most uncommon jewel on the planet,” Fawcett said.

It very well might be probably the hardest stone to drop by, yet it didn’t sell for the sum anticipated. Back in mid-April, Christie’s was wanting to bring above and beyond $30 million for the precious stone. Be that as it may, our post-pandemic times, when top society doyennes aren’t going out so a lot, could have been a component in the marked down cost.

All things considered, the jewel’s subsequent proprietor “took The Rock to Cartier to have a neckband appointed with it,” Fawcett said. “Sadly, when they offered the jewel to the new proprietors, they kept the jewelry, and presently, just the crate mounting remains.”

Christie’s, which has sold various record-breaking pearls including an extravagant blue precious stone, first showed The Rock in New York and sent it on stops to Dubai and Taipei prior to selling it today in Geneva.

The celebrated 287.42-carat Tiffany jewel of 1877, which Lady Gaga wore to the 2019 Oscars, was found in mines not such a long ways from the one where The Rock was uncovered.

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