Adobe is exploring a partnership with OpenAI to add AI features to Premiere Pro

Adobe is exploring a partnership with OpenAI to add AI features to Premiere Pro

According to the Us software company, Adobe, third-party generative artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI’s Sora and others are being integrated into its popular video editing software in its early phases. This was announced on Monday.

The television and film industries make extensive use of Adobe’s Premiere Pro application. This year, the San Jose, California-based startup plans to add AI-based functionality to the program, like the capacity to replace distracting elements in a scene with items generated by AI or eliminate parts of a scene without requiring laborious manual work from a video editor.

Firefly, an AI model that Adobe has already included in its Photoshop program for still picture editing, will form the basis for both of these features. Adobe has made an effort to differentiate itself from competitors such as OpenAI, Midjourney, and other startups by providing customers with indemnity against copyright claims and using data that it owns fully for training its Firefly system.

However, Adobe also announced on Monday that it is working on a feature that will enable Premiere Pro users to create and utilize video using third-party technologies from OpenAI and companies Runway and Pika Labs. With its shares down almost 20% so far this year, Adobe may be able to calm Wall Street’s worries that its core businesses could be threatened by AI technologies that generate photos and movies.

Although OpenAI has shown that its Sora model can produce lifelike videos in response to text instructions, the company has not disclosed the technology’s release date or made it publicly available. When Adobe unveiled a sample of Sora being used to create video in Premiere Pro, they called it a “experiment” and did not specify when it would be made public.

According to Deepa Subramaniam, vice president of product marketing at Adobe for creative professional apps, the company has not yet decided how to divide profits from third-party AI technologies used on its platform between itself and outside developers.

However, Subramaniam noted that all videos created with Premiere Pro will clearly state which AI technology was used to generate them, and that customers of Adobe will receive an alert when they are not utilizing Adobe’s “commercially safe” AI models.

“Our industry-leading AI ethics approach and the human bias work that we do, none of that’s going away,” Subramaniam stated to Reuters. “We’re really excited to do is explore a world where you can have more choice beyond that through third-party models.”

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