The Next Motorola Razr Foldables Coming Soon to the US Market

The Next Motorola Razr Foldables Coming Soon to the US Market

This is an exciting time for fans of Motorola foldable devices, as the company has confirmed that a foldable device is coming soon.

Motorola posted a short video about the X, confirming that the next wave of foldable devices will launch in the US on June 25th. Unfortunately, Moto doesn’t clearly show the design of the Razr device in the short teaser. What’s easily tell is that (at least) one variant will be available in orange and blue.

It can also expect a vegan leather back.

The teaser continues, briefly showing a few more color variants of the 2024 Razr smartphone, including pink and possibly cafe brown options.

The good news is that they only have a week (and a day) left until we see the Razr and Razr Plus 2024 in full.

It’s worth noting that Motorola has put the more expensive Razr Plus on shelves before launching the cheaper Motorola Razr 2023 later this year. It remains to be seen whether the company will follow the same trend this year or if it will allow consumers to buy both devices at the same time, which would give them a quicker access to the cheaper option.

Apart from this, there have been some rumors suggesting that Motorola may not increase the price of its foldable device Razr. Through a European listing, it has been revealed that the price of the Razr Plus could be 1,200 euros, similar to its predecessor. Additionally, the device could have more RAM/storage options at the same price, with rumors suggesting 12GB and 512GB configurations.

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