Teenagers Now Welcome to Bard AI Chatbot in Google’s Unexpected Move

Teenagers Now Welcome to Bard AI Chatbot in Google’s Unexpected Move

Google is giving youngsters all across the world access to its AI language model, Bard. From now on, teenagers who fulfill the age limit for a Google account in their individual countries will be able to utilize Bard’s skills for projects and other work.

Google’s Product Head for Responsible AI, Tulsee Doshi, writes in a blog post that the corporation is committed to responsible disclosure when it launches its AI chatbot Bard. The company claims that in order to assist build its content standards and an experience that prioritises safety, it has engaged with child safety and development specialists, particularly with regard to teenagers. According to Stephen Balkam, Founder & CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute, “Google’s thoughtful approach to expanding Bard access to teens represents an important step in offering teens the opportunity to explore this technology with the appropriate safeguards in place.”

How Bard can be used by teenagers

According to Google, teenagers can use Bard to seek advice on how to write speeches or even solve arithmetic problems. When studying complicated subjects or looking for advice on personal concerns, teens can use Bard to expand their knowledge and acquire new abilities.

Teens are further empowered to understand topics and conduct effective information analysis by Bard’s interactive math learning tools and data visualization features. According to Google, Bard is an adaptable tool for learning, problem-solving, and discovery that gives teenagers the self-assurance and inventiveness they need to successfully negotiate a number of challenges in life.

Google announces that new features for teens will be added in the future to improve learning, and that these features will be available in English.

Notably, in the AI time, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are competitors. The most popular AI chatbot at the moment is ChatGPT, which debuted last year and has a large user following. Therefore, Google is now permitting audiences under the age of 18 to use its chatbot, although with improved safety safeguards, in an effort to draw in more users.

Bard’s safety

According to Google, the company has made a number of safety measures to ensure that youngsters can safely utilize Bard AI. In addition to putting safety measures in place to stop dangerous content from showing up in Bard’s responses to teenagers, they have trained Bard to identify and steer clear of unsuitable content.

Furthermore, Google has added a function called “double-check” to help confirm the veracity of Bard’s responses because it recognizes that LLMs might occasionally produce hallucinations or phony details. The first time an adolescent asks a fact-based question, this feature will activate immediately. Additionally, Google will actively promote the function to teenagers in order to develop information literacy and critical thinking abilities.

Google will instruct teenagers on safe AI use

Google is aware that young people may have concerns about the appropriate usage of generative AI. Google has created a customized onboarding process for teenagers in Bard to allay these worries. Resources like the AI Literacy Guide and a video with advice on how to utilize generative AI ethically are part of this onboarding process. Teens will also be given the opportunity to turn Bard Activity on or off during the onboarding process, along with a description of its uses.

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