What is Google Duo? and How to Use Its Features ?

What is Google Duo? and How to Use Its Features ?
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Although apps are intended to make our lives simpler, the proliferation of applications has actually had the opposite effect because there are now so many options. Numerous businesses released applications that were similar to each other, further complicating matters. Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts were by far the most popular options for video calling, which has become essential for many people for everything from family communication to conducting business meetings. While Google Duo continues to offer a reliable interface for video calling for all Android and iOS users, Hangouts has been retired.

What is Google Duo?

In short, Google Duo is a video calling tool that works similarly to FaceTime for iOS users. Google Duo, as opposed to FaceTime, is accessible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. In comparison to Zoom, Google Duo, which was introduced in August 2016, is a great alternative for hosting or joining video calls with up to 32 people. Google Duo and Google Meet will merge in 2022, enabling users to make free-form calls from either their computers or phones. Thanks to Google, the merging will be seamless for users.

While Google Meet was created exclusively for companies, it functions very similarly to Google Duo. On the other hand, Google Duo has a far wider audience because it can send a video invitation to pretty much any social group, from two pals chatting to a party as a whole. Duo, which offers a few more benefits like allowing you contact people using their phone number rather than their email address, has mostly replaced Google Meet.

Additionally, Duo has several benefits over Zoom and FaceTime, namely the capability to call somebody even if they do not have the software loaded on their phone. Knowing how to use an app makes it easier to use.

Setting up Google Duo

It’s simple to set up this application, so you can start making and receiving video calls right away.

  • On an iOS or Android smartphone, download and install Google Duo from the app store.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that are presented to you in the pop-up window.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • the verification number must be entered.

You will view the application’s main screen right away after entering the verification number. Congratulations, Google Duo now allows you to place and receive video calls. Now that it has been successfully installed and configured, you can begin customising it.

How to change your preferences with Google Duo

You may modify your choices in the Google Duo settings, just like with any other application.

  • In the search menu, click the three dots.
  • Choose the settings menu item.

Google provides two sites for aesthetically pleasing calls, settings, and themes. If you’d rather, you can start using the application right away because they include default settings. To make your software more in line with your preferences, you can change them.

How to change call settings

You can make this application simpler to use and more entertaining by modifying the call settings. For instance, Duo Moments is a fantastic way to include unique details and memories during a family call. Here are few extra options you can utilise to improve your call quality.

  • Knock Knock : Users can view live video when their device is ringing thanks to the Knock Knock feature. If you do not want to see a preview of the caller, you can disable it.
  • Low Light Mode: This mode modifies the illumination to increase user visibility. If you exclusively receive calls in well-lit environments to avoid washing out, you can disable it.
  • Mirror Mode: Using this mode, which simulates staring in a mirror, you can alter how you perceive yourself.
  • Duo Moments : This function enables you to record video calls and share the recordings with your group call. 
  • Data Saving Mode : When not connected to Wi-Fi, data is conserved by adjusting the video quality.

How to adjust theme

Depending on your phone’s system settings, you can choose to run an application in light mode, dark mode, or a combination of both using the theme setting.

Settings for security and alerts

For your call, Duo offers three choices that go beyond aesthetics. Instead, they let you manage blocked callers, change your notification choices, and preserve messages.

Navigating message settings

You can save any video, audio, or text message you receive while using the programme to your Duo folder by choosing the Save Messages option. Google now enables captions for all audio messages for recipients who have hearing impairments. If you choose this, Google will transcribe the message.

Managing Google Duo notifications

You may choose which notifications you want to receive using Google Duo.

  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose if you wish to get audible notifications by clicking on Notifications.
  • To personalise complete notifications, choose the Notification Categories.

Blocked Users

Similar to blocking a phone number, the blocked feature operates similarly. You won’t communicate with anyone you’ve added to this list once you do so. When you choose their name in the settings option, you may quickly remove them from the blocked list.

You may make Google Duo more entertaining than frustrating by changing the settings. You will be able to customise calls to suit various demands and stop incoming cold calls. You’re now prepared to make calls.

How to use Google Duo

To view your contacts list, click the content search bar. If the number is in your contacts and the app is downloaded, you can call it right away. For other numbers, you need an invitation. This will alter, though, as Duo and Meet combine. In addition to the features listed above, such as a low-light mode for dim surroundings and a Knock Knock option as a Caller ID, Google now offers features that permit audio calls without video.

A shortcut function has been added to the app to make it simpler to use, and Google Assistant can also place calls if you prefer to just speak. Finally, each call is encrypted to protect the confidentiality of all participants. That’s not all, though. Several more features of Google Duo are accessible during calls.

Features Available During Calls

  • Mute Button – Mutes your microphone
  • Camera Button – This lets you use either the front- or back-facing camera.
  • Effects – Filters and animations give your video call or message personality.
  • Family Mode – Offers a whiteboard and covers buttons that kids might press during a call (such as mute and hang-up).
  • Auto-framing – Keeps you centered during the video call.

Here is how to call now that you are aware of all the information.

How to start a call with a single contact

  • Enter a contact’s name or a phone number to begin.
  • You will see an invite box that will send them a request to download the app if they are not currently using Google Duo.
  • To call or send a message, click the call button.

The default option is video calling, but you may also choose voice alone or message. You can send your receiver a brief text, audio, or video message using the message option.

How to start a group call

On a group call, Google Duo enables up to 32 participants globally. Here’s how to begin your call:

Choose the “create group” option, then enter the names of your recipients or callers you want to include.

You can give the group a name to make calling more efficient if you frequently call the same group.

Anywhere face-to-face connection

Anyone with a phone number can use Google Duo, a simple video calling tool. It functions flawlessly with any device, including a web browser, thanks to the simplistic design. It is perfect for keeping in contact with loved ones and having team meetings. So whether you’re contacting your grandmother or convening a meeting, Google Duo makes it simple. When you master Duo, you might want to switch to using your smart TV instead of your phone for your future video calls.

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