Summertime Lip Care: 7 Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated

Summertime Lip Care: 7 Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated

It’s crucial to give your lips extra attention in the summer to keep them nourished and healthy when the temperature rises and the sun beams brighter. Dehydration and exposure to UV radiation are just two of the many things that can cause dry, cracked lips. However, you can keep your lips supple and soft throughout the summer by taking the proper care and safety measures. The following advice may help you protect and hydrate your lips this summer:

1. Maintain Hydration

Maintaining proper hydration, including for the sensitive skin on your lips, requires drinking enough water. To keep your body hydrated, which in turn helps to maintain the moisture levels in your lips, try to drink eight glasses or more of water each day.

2. Using SPF-Protected Lip Balm

Your lips require protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, just like your skin does. Even on overcast days or in the summer, it’s crucial to wear sunscreen. To protect your lips from sun damage, look for lip balm with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 18. Before going outside, generously apply the lip balm. Reapply it every few hours, especially after sweating or swimming.

3. Do Not Suck Your Lips

Licking your lips may temporarily relieve dryness, but it actually makes it worse by removing moisture and natural oils from your lips. Instead, to relieve dryness and seal in moisture, go for a hydrating lip balm.

4. Regularly exfoliate

Lips can become dry and flaky due to the buildup of dead skin cells on their surface. Once or twice a week, including mild lip exfoliation in your skincare routine to reveal softer, smoother lips beneath the dead skin. When the skin on your lips is still soft after showering, this is the ideal moment to exfoliate. To release the dead skin from your lips, gently massage them with a moist washcloth or a natural lip scrub. After rinsing and patting dry, apply lip oil to restore moisture.

5. Apply Hydration Overnight

Applying an overnight lip mask or nourishing lip balm before bed will help you get the most out of your beauty sleep. This makes it possible for the moisturizing components to work their way deep into your lips during the night, leaving them plump and well-hydrated.

6. Make Sensible Lip Product Choices

Be mindful of the ingredients in the lip products you use, especially during the summer months. Lipsticks and lip glosses that include drying substances (such as menthol, alcohol, or fragrance) should be avoided because they can dehydrate your lips. Opt for hydrating formulas enriched with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, or hyaluronic acid to keep your lips soft and moisturised.

7. Protect Your Lips

Whether it’s windy days or air-conditioned environments, exposure to harsh elements can contribute to dry lips. Wearing a scarf or applying a thicker lip balm might help form a barrier that shields your lips from outside aggressors.

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