Singles’ Day 2023: Know history, significance, and How to celebrate

Singles’ Day 2023: Know history, significance, and How to celebrate

Singles’ Day, a celebration of being single that originated in China, is on Saturday, November 11. The date of choice, 11/11, is symbolic of the number 1, which stands for a single person. For a far more essential purpose, this day holds great significance for many others.

This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the day, which began at Nankai University in China in 1993. Originally observed by men (when it was first observed, it was known as “Bachelors Day”), women eventually started to take part in the celebrations. This event provides a forum for singles to socialise, with activities including blind dates—which, paradoxically, some believe are meant to end one’s single status—and gift-giving. 2011 saw the celebration of the Singles’ Day of the Century, which fell on November 11, 2011.

Business celebrate Singles’ Day

Unsurprisingly, Singles’ Day has turned into a new way for businesses to increase revenue. Despite its origins as a celebration of the independence of singles, 11/11 has grown to become one of Asia’s most launched holidays.

Alibaba was a big contributor to the success of “11.11 Singles Day,” also known as “Double 11,” by registering the trademark and joining other significant sales occasions for companies like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Alibaba recognised the potential profits from the event.

Similar to how couples share gifts on Valentine’s Day, which is honoured on February 14th, singles pamper themselves on this day. An estimated $35 million was spent on Singles’ Day in China, which is approximately four times more than what US consumers spent on Cyber Monday.

According to Adobe, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, US consumers purchased more Pokemon toys, Hot Wheels, TVs, shoes, and air fryers, while Chinese consumers spent more on necessities, vitamins, supplements, and pet care items.

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