Samsung is rolling out One UI 3.1.1 update for foldable phones with older Z Fold and Z Flip

Samsung is rolling out One UI 3.1.1 update for foldable phones with older Z Fold and Z Flip

Samsung’s new Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 telephones add a lot of astute new features designed for foldable phones as a feature of its One UI 3.1.1 update, however in the event that you currently own a Fold 2, Z Flip, or even the original Galaxy Fold, you’ll in any case have the option to get a portion of the new options without shelling out for another telephone.

Accessible on every one of the five foldable models is the new Drag and Split feature, which — as the name suggests — permits you to tap and delay a link to open it one next to the other with the original website page or message.

Samsung’s bigger Fold models will likewise be getting the movable application windows for its performing various tasks mode, permitting you to change the tallness and width of the individual applications when you have different applications open immediately. The more established models will likewise get the automatically rotating app function, custom aspect ratios, and a recently added split view for messaging applications.

Ultimately, for both the Z Fold 2 and the previous Z Flips, Samsung is adding the choice to compel applications to utilize its “Flex mode” that puts video content on one portion of a folded display, with playback controls on the other.

Samsung has attempted to assist with keeping its older foldables applicable even while carrying out new software features on its fresher gadgets previously. It offered a comparative update for the first Fold last year when it delivered the Galaxy Z Fold 2 that additional few new provisions it had presented with the second-generation foldable. It’s a demonstration of how new the foldable field is overall. Samsung is as yet sorting out the most ideal approaches to utilize these new structure factors, but at the same time it’s not leaving behind early adopters.

The One UI 3.1.1 update ought to be carrying out to Fold 2 and Z Flip proprietors beginning today, while the first Galaxy Fold is relied upon to get the update “around a week later.”

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