3 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

3 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

The most widely used messaging platform worldwide is WhatsApp. It’s already widely used for business transactions in conduct business, where you can place orders for deliveries, schedule services, and get customer support.

The parent company of WhatsApp, Meta, is now embracing the app’s flexible applications and providing businesses with even more opportunities to benefit from it.

There are a number of updates coming to the WhatsApp Business Platform. Users of the Business Platform can already build rapid automatic responses, set up business profiles, and use dynamic product lists and rich media to increase sales.

Here are the additional features that WhatsApp will soon offer businesses so they can use the app more effectively.

  1. Flows’s in-app shopping

In the next weeks, WhatsApp will roll out Flows, a brand-new feature that will be accessible to everyone.

Using Flows, businesses will be able to give clients an enhanced shopping experience on WhatsApp. Customers will have access to extensive menus that allow them to customise things they are purchasing, make spa or hair appointment, select a seat on a rail or bus, and sign up for promotions.

Customers won’t ever need to leave the app to do these tasks because they can complete them in the same chat window as the company they’re interacting with. The chat window will pop up with the extensive interactive choices.

  1. WhatsApp Pay introduces new payment types

WhatsApp recently announced that users in India would be able to add products to their cards and select the preferred payment method from supported Unified Payment Interface (UPI) network options or credit and debit cards during its global Conversations event in Mumbai.

In Singapore and Brazil, WhatsApp users can already chat-based pay for goods and services.

Although clients in India may also utilise the UPI network to make the same purchase, opening up new payment options to more users in a nation where the messaging service has more than 500 million users is a significant step towards the programme’s global expansion.

  1. Look for Meta-verified businesses

To establish trust between businesses and their customers, Meta is introducing business verification. Customers will have confidence they are interacting with the right company because of this status, which will be made clear by a Meta Verified badge.

A custom WhatsApp page that can be found through a web search and multi-device compatibility are just a couple of the premium capabilities that becoming Meta Verified would give businesses access to.

Before bringing Meta Verified to the WhatsApp Business Platform, Meta is testing it initially with small firms.

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