OnePlus Health application makes new UI before the Watch launch

OnePlus Health application makes new UI before the Watch launch

The OnePlus Watch goes on sale tomorrow, however its initial audits are less than glowing. As referenced in past coverage, the Watch utilizes the OnePlus Health application to track steps, calories, sleep, and other different information. The Health application was beforehand accessible in India for the OnePlus Band, yet in anticipation of this launch, it’s been given an update and carried out internationally.

Backing for the OnePlus Band has been accessible in India for some time, yet the updated UI is carrying out there too, as per at least one client. (In the event that you end up having a Band elsewhere, the application will match with it, as well.) The tool can manage watch faces, wearable notifications, weather, music, and your goals for calories and steps.

The application will deal with firmware updates for the OnePlus Watch and Band as they’re accessible, and it incorporates fifteen new faces for the Band. The new interface feels like it’s riffing on Apple Health a lot, with rounded circles and gadget like data displays. However, it incorporates support for dark mode and it synchronizes with Google Health.

The application is accessible to any Android gadget on 6.0 or higher. The OnePlus Watch and Band are maker agnostic, and don’t need an OnePlus phone to combine with.

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