Apple’s next Apple TV video streamer could add a built-in HomePod speaker

Apple’s next Apple TV video streamer could add a built-in HomePod speaker

The Apple HomePod could soon be resurrected. Not as another standalone wireless speaker, but instead as a built-in audio system for the next Apple TV, Bloomberg reports.

The site’s sources say this new version of Apple’s TV box will join video streaming with a built-in HomePod speaker, a camera for TV-based video calls, and other smart home features.

It’s important for the tech monster’s most recent push into the smart home space, to more readily rival its main adversary Amazon. Apple is additionally said to working on a premium smart speaker with a touchscreen.

Such a gadget would fundamentally be a mashup between an iPad and a HomePod. It also would have a camera for video calls, and could skillet to follow the client around the room, like the Amazon Echo Show and Facebook Portal.

The two gadgets are in the beginning stages of advancement right now, so Apple may decide to launch one, both or not one or the other.

Apple has falled behind its reduced value rival Amazon in the smart home space. Also, its HomePod speaker battled for sales as well. A month ago, Apple killed the HomePod, leaving simply the more modest, less expensive HomePod Mini as its sole smart speaker.

The Apple TV hasn’t been updated in more than three years. Recently, we’ve seen a huge number of tales with respect to the following model – it’s been tipped to get a 120Hz edge rate and smart new Siri remote control. The Apple TV+ streaming service is additionally hoping to increase creation to Netflix-like levels with a new recruiting.

Apple is supposed to hold its next event one week from now. That could be too soon for another Apple TV, yet you won’t ever know.

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