Now Available On iPad: Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Music Classical App

Now Available On iPad: Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Music Classical App

iPad users can now download the Apple Music Classical app. Those with a regular Apple Music subscription will be able to download the Classical app for free. There are two different iPhone apps: Apple Music and Apple Music Classical.

Apple Music Classical’s metadata processing is the main difference between the two apps. This includes recommendations, playlists that have been carefully chosen, in-depth information about composers and conductors, and fine-grained search.

In March of this year, Apple Music Classical made its iPhone debut. In May, the Google Play Store made it available for Android smartphones as well. The most recent version of the Music Classical app (1.1) is now being made available on the App Store by the company.

The updated version has a redesigned UI that is better suited for larger screens—like iPads. The latest version has a toolbar for media controls and a sidebar for navigation while content is playing.

The most recent upgrade represents Apple Music Classical’s first major improvement since its launch in May, according to report. The majority of the previous releases were minor bug fixes.

Apple claims that Apple Music Classical offers the “ultimate classical music experience,” with thousands of albums available only on the service, hundreds of carefully selected playlists, in-depth guides on significant works, comprehensive biographies of composers, and a host of other features.

Additionally, Apple guarantees that the audio tracks will be streamed in the “highest audio quality available,” supporting spatial audio and up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless. In addition to hundreds of editorial comments with composer biographies, descriptions of important works, and other information, Apple will also include extra metadata to help consumers identify the work and the musician performing it.

Currently, the app has over 5 million songs and over 50 million data points, including information about over 20,000 composers, 115,000 unique works, and 350,000 movements.

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