Netflix launches new website for most viewed its top 10 TV shows and films

Netflix launches new website for most viewed its top 10 TV shows and films

Netflix has established a new website where it will share weekly metrics on its most popular shows.

During its October earnings call, the firm announced that it would abandon its long-standing two-minute viewing time methodology in favour of ranking titles by total number of hours watched. Every Tuesday, the new weekly Top 10 hub will update with lists of the top films and series in the following categories: English-language films, non-English-language films, English-language television, and non-English-language television (Non-English). Each list will reveal how many hours each top-rated TV show or film was watched.

Before being published on Tuesday, each list will track the success of Netflix content from Monday through Sunday. Seasons of a series will be counted as individual titles on the list, but repeated viewings within a season will be counted toward the season’s overall watch hours, according to Netflix. For example, if you frequently view a sequence from a single episode.

These lists are open to any content on Netflix’s app, including both original and licenced episodes and movies. For each of the four categories, the firm will also reveal its most popular series and films of all time. The company did add that their estimates are “rounded to 10,000 to account for any changes in Internet connectivity around the world,” as a caveat. The first 28 days of a title’s existence on the service are used to rank it.

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