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Tesla is making a major vehicle building tent in Fremont permanent, report says

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Path back during the increase period of the Tesla Model 3 (otherwise known as “Production Hell”), the Big T thought the most ideal approach to get creation numbers up is fabricate a huge tent at its Fremont production line and produce vehicles in there. That tent was called GA 4. We poked fun at it, justifiably, yet as far as it matters for its, Tesla has proceeded with the entire tent thing as an answer for space limitations at Fremont.

That carries us to a report distributed on Friday by Teslarati that Tesla is making another tent, referred to authoritatively as GA 4.5, lasting. Not perpetual like it’ll get transformed into a structure, yet lasting in that it will keep on being utilized to construct vehicles inconclusively and will have utilities introduced in the ground there.

Obviously, it’s not difficult to make fun of Tesla for building vehicles in a tent if late reviews and alerts from the Chinese government, just as low scores in JD Power’s trustworthiness study show, make you question its construct quality.

We’d ask Tesla for input on its enormous tent news, however it no longer has a PR office. In this way, all things being equal, we’ll record our inquiries on sheets of paper, overlap them into origami cranes and let them go into the breeze. We’ll inform you as to whether we hear back.