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Microsoft will consequently mutes your speakers when you plug in headphones

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Microsoft is testing a feature that naturally mutes your speakers when you plug in earphones, fixing one of my greatest annoyances with messing around on Xbox. The element is carrying out to Xbox Insiders on the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, which implies it will probably be accessible all the more extensively in the coming months.

Presently when you plug in headphones to your controller on Xbox, your speakers will likewise remain on. So assuming you need the sound to just play through your headphones, you should cut back the volume on your speakers independently.

The PS5, then again, helpfully mutes speaker audio when you plug in earphones, and I’m happy Microsoft is going with the same pattern by chipping away at a comparative element for Xbox. The choice to atuomatically mute speaker sound will show up in a revamped audio settings menu, according to Microsoft’s blog.

This new Skip-Ahead form likewise incorporates another openness feature: color blind filters. “While some games implement similar filters individually, this new feature applies globally to everything on Xbox Series X / S, including all games, movies, apps, menus, etc.,” Microsoft said in its blog. “It also supports multiple forms of color blindness, and the filters can be adjusted to your preference without impacting performance, screenshots, or game clips.” The organization previously discussed this feature during its Xbox Accessibility Showcase recently.