“Viral Modi” Weaves Fortune’s Fabric with Her Passion and Efforts

“Viral Modi” Weaves Fortune’s Fabric with Her Passion and Efforts

Upasana Modi, who is known by the moniker “Viral Modi,” has mastered the methods of retaining the attention of her viewers. Her videos are getting likes by the millions, one after another. The way she puts some incredible effort into her videos to make them stand out is worth appreciating.

Let us have a glimpse of her journey with some quick questions:

What inspired you to become a content creator?

I always had that intense desire for acting and dancing. I also have a strong observing power when it comes to dance and acting. I kept a close watch over the expressions of the actresses as well as their outfits. Growing up with my younger sister, Dolly Trivedi, who is a Gujarati actress, further strengthened my desire to step into the world of acting and dancing. And the advent of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. fueled my desire for acting and dancing. Thus, I could not help but step into this amazing world of acting and dancing, where I can be whichever character I want and make my job a passion.

  1. What’s the best comment you’ve ever received?

These days, we can find so many negative comments in the comment section of women’s posts on various social media platforms. You can find people commenting about a woman’s character, her way of dressing, her way of talking, and whatnot. But I, as a woman, had an amazing response from my online audience. They have always observed the efforts that I put into my content. My audience has always supported me, from the very beginning itself. Among the many amazing comments, one of my favourites is people asking, “Who is this new actress?” “What is the name of her movie?” It is an incredible experience to know that people address me as an actress, although I’m not!

  1. What would you like to tell your viewers?

It is because of my viewers that I’m standing before you today as a popular content creator. It goes back to the initial days of my journey. Being a married woman with two amazing children, being in my 40s, and competing with the young girls of the next generation, it really became a task to sustain myself on the social media platforms with my passion. But I realised that my efforts were worth it for the people on social media who kept pushing me beyond my limits. They kept supporting me and my content regularly, which made me realise my potential. 
Viral Modi from Ahmedabad stands as an inspiration for those who take age as a barrier and give up their dreams.

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